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About us

Waterfalls realty (WFR) is a real estate company duly registered for business in Nigeria, we are an affordable luxury mini estate brand, in the real sense of affordable luxury. WFR is focused at everyone who fall within the ambience of our various DELIGHTFUL PACKAGES. We are engaged in the business of estate developments, project advisory, investment advisory, project marketing, real estate consulting and provision of luxurious smart homes for all.

Waterfalls realty is a subsidiary of GOLDSPOT GROUP OF COMPANY, one of the leading construction companies in Abuja, having its head office in Maitama, Abuja and branch offices in Lagos, Ogun, Anambra and Kano.

We are proudly one of the new and leading real estate companies in Nigeria and aim towards being the best at satisfying all our clients all over the globe. Waterfalls realty was borne out of the desire of eradicating and letting go of the old order of lies, deceit, disappointment, despondency, regret, greed effectively embracing the new order we have created for our clients towards owning themselves a befitting home conveniently under our delightful packages and ensuring sustainability of the new flow of total healing from any traumatic experience of the old order.

Everyone is involved in the positive actualization of this great news , in that, first of all, there's need to discover oneself and what really works in our subconscious minds, in other not to fall into any form of trap from the others. We have carved out a niche, broken down to the barest minimum for easy route towards self-discovery and actualization.

Waterfalls realty was birthed out of passion for the real estate business and has metamorphosed into something big, and from our wealth of experience WFP is also in partnership with some prominent and reputable real estate firms and developers in ABUJA and Lagos towards the development , sales and delivery of Smart and luxurious homes.

We have a team of respected individuals with years of experience built on professionalism, integrity and commitment at delivering value for all stakeholders

Our Vision

To be the best at what we do with regards to project timely delivery and client satisfaction.

Our Future

FUTURE OF WFR- we say that the future is bright, as we use very contemporary technologies in creating a home that will stand the test of time, a smart home that will always meet the world class need for automated homes.