We are the most trusted name in Premium and Luxury Real Estate. Wherever in Nigeria you are, let us help you find your Dream home.


With the pressure to innovate mounting on all sides, We at waterfallsrealty ensures significant investment into catalyzing innovations Realty.


We are here to make investing in Realty easier, If you want to own a property but don’t want the hassle of being a landlord, we will help you with the solution.

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We are proudly one of the new and leading real estate companies in Nigeria and aim towards being the best at satisfying all our clients all over the globe. Waterfalls realty was borne out of the desire of eradicating and letting go of the old order of lies, deceit, disappointment, despondency, regret, greed etc... by effectively embracing the new order we have created for our clients towards owning themselves a befitting home conveniently under our delightful packages and ensuring sustainability of the new flow of total healing from any traumatic experience of the old order.


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3rd March, 2023
Real Estate in 2023

Start your week with an Investment opportunity in a strategic Location

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2rd March, 2023
Real Estate in 2023

Dream house for sale

2rd March, 2023
Real Estate in 2023

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